Update reg. COVID-19 & program adjustments

Dear partners,


With the increasing cases of COVID-19 and the WHO declaring a pandemic, the entire world is seeing the impact of the virus, and we hope that you are staying safe in these times. 


Meanwhile, entrepreneurs and disruptors find a way to adapt and not stop, and therefore we would like to share with you some of the adjustments that we will be making in the program.


As you know, most of our program is done virtually / remotely, however, we have planned for certain gatherings (April 21st, May 26-29 and July 6-8), as shown in the timeline picture below.



Our next face-to-face meeting is scheduled for April 21st, however, we are expecting that most probably we will be having this workshop virtually instead. We will send you more details in the upcoming weeks.


Other activities that we are planning on doing:
  • Record videos of corporate + startup pitches
  • Compliment with online collaboration tool such as slack
  • Scale up the number of startups each corporate “meets”, as we expect it will be easier to do so online


As a company, we believe that nothing is more powerful than personal relationships and there is no better way at forging these than meeting and spending time together in person. Dependent on the development of COVID-19, country and corporate policies, we will, therefore, strive to do as many in personal elements as possible. If the situation does not let us do in-person events in the first half of the year we would suggest exploring doing something in person after launch days. 


Regarding the bigger gatherings for Kick-off days and Launchdays, we are working with a plan A (meet in Singapore) and plan B (Virtual) and will take a final decision in the coming weeks.


As always, we are open to new suggestions that can increase impact, so let us know if you have any. 


On behalf of the Trade & Transport team,
Ana Andonovska

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