AI & Data enabled CO2 Reduction

Global trade has various actors within the value chain. Data is sitting in silos across the value chain. The challenge is to extract value out of this data on a real time basis to effect sound decision making.

The magnitude of data is growing exponentially which combined with Machine Learning and other AI categories open new pathways to optimize the global supply chain.

Many estimate >20% of global Co2 from shipping can be reduced by utilizing data and AI to optimize global shipping activities.

Areas we are looking to explore with startups:

  • Fleet route optimization
  • Fleet utilization
  • Port calling
  • Virtual arrival
  • Holistic view of vessels performance using data from different systems onboard the vessel
  • Using data from vessel voyage to inform on weather patterns in real-time
  • Berth and consignment planning 
  • Demand and supply prediction to increase full supply chain flow and reduce Co2 “waste” in the process
  • Digital twins enabling better design and planning of port and vessel operations towards Co2 optimization
  • 5G connectivity allowing for real time optimization from shore towards Co2 reduction