Carbon capture & storage, offsetting and trading

CSS technologies are being heavily funded by leading corporations globally. The backdrop simply being that we are now hitting record level Co2 ppm in the atmosphere and going neutral will not be enough – ultimately every company and consumer will be impacted by taxes and other government means to also help lower Co2 ppm substantially from current levels. 

Simultaneously governments, corporations and tech startups and companies are working on hundreds of different solutions to enable a globally more efficient “carbon market” allowing for higher impact from stakeholders across (it is estimated 1 unit of $ outside the shipping sector has x5 the impact it has in shipping).

Areas we are looking to explore with startups:

  • At source CSS (vessels)
  • Using Co2 in new products or materials or converting into fuel

  • “Intra Industry” carbon trading / offsetting. A shipping Co2 exchange

  • Industry mandated and regulated CSS projects

  • CSS at port facilities

  • Identify economically viable technologies to capture Co2 on ports & vessels