Business model innovation to drive ROI from Co2 reduction

The industry is about to embark on a similar downward spiral in regards to Co2 reductions as it did 20 years ago in a mad dash to reduce costs which ultimately meant the industry simply shrunk and benefits went to consumers not the industry. 

This time around the industry MUST find ways (as many other industries have) to monetize Co2 towards customers of the industry the customers of their customers. 

Simultaneously there is large room for improvements in more efficient orchestration of freight and many new models emerging around that.

Areas we are looking to explore with startups:

  • Successful business models applied in other industries to monetize Co2 reduction
  • Utilising Co2 data for new businesses
  • Partner with industries that most benefit from Co2 reduction
  • Green freight premium models
  • Freight orchestration
  • Switching transport mode from land to sea or air to sea (less polluting freight means).