Climate change is an exponentially and rapidly growing threat to society as we know it. The only way to fight that is with equally impactful counter-measures. Join us, for an opportunity to make an impact.

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The burning platform & opportunity

Emissions from shipping keep increasing and constantly raising the bar on required reductions.

We know that going CO2 neutral will not be enough.

The industry and customers of the industry are demanding new solutions and will continue doing so in the future. Despite the hard targets and willingness to invest, nobody knows how to meet the challenges.

Companies that are the backbone of the supply chain industry have a unique opportunity to solve some of the biggest pains and tap a massive new market opportunity.

During the program, we will:

– Identify the 3000+ most impactful tech startups globally

– Deliver 100+ scalable pilots and ventures by 2022 to enable CO2 neutral industry

– Generate short and long term ROI and impact

Remote / Singapore

Program cycle duration
May 2020 - July 2020

Program Cycle 1

Program timeline:

Application start

Feb 25 2020

Application end

Apr 17 2020

Kick-off days

June 2 - 4 2020

Launch Days

Jul 06 - 08 2020

Next steps


Pathways to reducing CO2:

AI & Data enabled CO2 Reduction

Fuel & Energy Efficiency for CO2 reduction

Infrastructure, Ships & Assets CO2 efficiency

Carbon CS, Offsetting & Trading

CO2 Transparency, Tracking & Provenance

Business Model Innovation: ROI from CO2 reduction


Who are you

You are working on a digital solution & probably already have something to show to the market – and they love it!

You’ve crafted a new solution

Are you working on the next big thing? You might have used existing technologies, but you are definitely working on a solution that solves real problems in a new way. Perhaps through AI, big data, IoT, biotech, automation, drone applications, AR/VR,  machine vision, or something else entierly?

You’re a global citizen

We invite companies from all over the world to join, and you can apply from anywhere, as long as you have the time and capacity to fly to our program destination for 5 days total spread across the next 5 months.

You’re ready to show and tell

You’ve already tested your solution and you know your clients love it! Or perhaps, you are in the late prototype stage, but have identified a real need in the market.

What we offer

The program is designed to help you grow and get real traction with our corporate partners.

Equity free

Our corporate partners seek mutually beneficial collaborations, and don’t take any equity from you to engage.

Get real traction

Industry access

You have access to corporate leaders & mentors from around the world to help you get the best from the industry.

Across borders

You can grow in the industry and worldwide. Our partners are international players and can help you enter desired markets.


Mentors & advisors

The average Trade & Transport Impact program includes industry experts using what they’ve learned from years, and often decades of experience to tackle multi-million and billion dollar maritime problems.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, they are joining the program as founding partners, advisors, and mentors.


Who can submit to the program?

We believe that you can best benefit from this program if you have a product in the market and are ready to take it to a next level. As the program was designed to help you grow, get real traction & expand, ideally your product is in a stage where it has customers. Alternatively,  it can be a very late prototype that can be implemented and tested.

When can we submit?

You can submit today, the latest until April 10th, 2020.

How do we submit?

By filling out a short form to answer a few questions here. If you need any help, just ping us at

What happens after we apply?

Our experienced scouting team will screen all submissions continuously and invite high-potential startups for a 30-min online video call to mutually explore a collaboration potential.

Are there any restrictions in terms of geography?

No, we value diversity and are open to solutions worldwide. Our corporate partners are international companies and operate worldwide.

How was the program designed?

We select a max of 10 startups to join us in Singapore on for Kick-off days & meet with our corporate partners. During these three days, we will make a further selection and match you with your corporate partner. In the 6 weeks that follow after, you’ll be working remotely with your corporate partner with Rainmaking assisting as needed. We will then meet again on for Launch Days to discuss outcomes and the partnerships going forward.

How can we increase our chances of selection?

Be honest with yourself. We believe in mutual valuable collaborations, and this is only possible to identify by having an honest conversation around goals, challenges, etc.

We recommend to especially reflect on:
Why this opportunity? What do you hope to achieve? How does your solution solve corporate partner challenges? What are your superpowers and the main challenges where you need support?

Other questions?

Feel free to write to us at

About us

Introducing Rainmaking

Rainmaking is a global cooperative of entrepreneurs running startups and innovation programs in more than 40 countries. We bring extensive success from Startupbootcamp, Rainmaking Innovation and our own startup experience to move the transport, maritime and logistics industries forward.

The Rainmaking family

The Rainmaking Transport vertical was founded by experienced maritime professionals. We are specialized in maritime, logistics and transport, and continuously work with leading corporates and talented startups in these industries. We have a deep understanding of the leading corporations in maritime, how they invest & how they think about new technologies and innovation.

By joining one of our programs, you become part of an ecosystem of startups, maritime institutions, mentors and investors that will keep accelerating you in the future. We have a global network of partners, mentors, experts & investors.

We know startups

We have collaborated with successful startups around the world. We screen +10,000 per year and have invested in +800 so far alongside corporate partners. We have experience running pilots with corporates successfully; making us the right person to help you make the best out of it.

And we are still founders at heart. To date, we have found 30+ companies based on our own ideas and seed funded them ourselves. Followed up with 20m+ EUR from external investors.